Wednesday, 9 November 2011


I love this boy so much (:
His name is Mohamad Siddiq Bin Sapidih . 16 years young . He live at Tronoh . Schooling with me at Sultan Yussuf School , Batu Gajah .

We have been coupling for 3 months 29 days (: I still remember the first time that we meet in 2009 at 2RK class . TAK KENAL MAKA TAK CINTA , DAH KENAL I LOVE YOU SELAMANYA . I never thought that our friendship during form 2 could bring us to CINTA MATI (:
Many will ask why did I choose this boy and not others ? Yeahh , that'is it . He is very special for me . It is too hard to be explained . Fyi dear , I love your dimple tau . You kan ade sebelah jeaaa dimple , unique tahu . Plus , I like to hear you say words that have the capital R . Haha , you tak tahu sebut R dear . Comel tahu (:
Awak ade wife ke-2 kan dear ? JELESSS . Haha , act saye tak jeles pun . Wife ke-2 awak tu pun basikal jeaa (: Awak LOVE sangat kat basikal awak tu kan , GT OUTPOST kan name nye ? Saye tak kisah pun dear , sebab saye tau awak lagi LOVE kat saye . Haha . Thankyouu tau dear sebab selalu buat saye senyum sorang sorang macam orang gile bile text dgn awak . Saye suke bile awak call saye , tapi saye tak reti sembang . So saye dengar jeaa ape yg awak cakap , suara awak comel macam Shinchan (: Tapi bile awak buat lawak bodo mase call , saye rase nak bg awak makan selipar jeaa tau tak dear . Haha . Awak awak , I love youu tau dear *dah takde idea (:

Nah tengok , I love you Power Rangers (:

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